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What Soft-Skills do you already have that need to be developed or polished up. Others can benefit from them too? Ask me about your human behavioural style. Are you more Red, Green, Yellow or Blue?

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When it comes to helping you change a behaviour, advance your career or interests, BMbY Ltd is one of the best professional training centres available in Northern Ireland. We cover the UK, Ireland and International. Todate, our L&D professionals have already delivered and supported in North America (Philadelphia, San Francisco, Durham NC) Latin America (Argentina, Sao Paulo) Europe (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosni, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine) Africa and Asia Pacific. Making the decision to change you or your career is a huge step, and we are here to support you however we can. Our wide range of courses offer something for everyone, from professional proficiencies and qualifications to servicing those who have decided to develop new creative or practical skills. Get in touch on 07564675797 today for details.

Training and Facilitation

From assertiveness and negotiation courses to computing, impact on writing, behavioural styles and more, our wide range of personal & professional development courses offer something to every interest and pathway. Our trainers are hand-selected, not only because they are skilled and knowledgeable in their field, but because they understand the particular challenges and requirements you need. If you are working full time or raising a family, you’ll appreciate the support and understanding our friendly and encouraging trainers can give.

Taking The Next Step

We are passionate about your learning and are here for you every step of the way. Contact us and discuss your goals with our staff, and they will help you decide which avenue is right for you. During your time with us, we will allow you access to all of our online facilities in order to provide you with a varied opportunities and endless places for you to study. At the end of your course, we can help you decide on your next step, whether that’s looking at new employment options, further study or setting up your own business.

The business and owner

Education is great when we know our audience well enough. Just a question, do you want a significant improvement in organisational development, training initiatives, and business value? Me too! I am Stephen M. Keery! My passion for developing individuals and implementing their high potential strategies in L&D is just what you and your organisation needs. My 20+ years’ history of success in professional development, leadership and management among varying sectors and industries allows me to bring to you a highly experienced consultant and facilitator. International experiences in identifying training needs and design for the delivery of reactive training as well as execute strategies that generate quantifiable results using hands-on approaches to team leadership and direction, excellent communication and relationship building. I have an aptitude to tackle life and training and development scenarios with meticulous strategies designed based on my cultural expertise in the following areas: • Soft skills training & mentoring • Programme development • Management coaching


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with a passion for people and a professional repertoire highly prized in coaching circles, Stephen is the 'edge' your company seeks. Inspiring others, catalysing teams and delivering unique and ...

Graham King (Author & Trainer)

His capacity to identify your strengths​ and develop a tailored training package is second to none.We had a lot of complex information to absorb in a very short period of time and his "can do" ...

Thomas Kernohan

He has a real passion for training and his hands-on approach has allowed him to tailor courses to our clients needs. He is an advocate of reflective practice and experiential learning and can be ...

AnnMarie Briscoe


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